Friday, September 9, 2011

100 Words About: Actually Honoring 9/11

Yeah, it's been ten years, and I can kinda see maybe wanting to do something in remembrance of that fateful day. I don't know if we did anything for the ten year anniversary of Pearl Harbor. But we sure as hell weren't selling commemorative coins or bits of blasted boats back then. Back in those days, if you wanted to spend money related to the attack, you bought a freaking war bond.

What the hell changed?

Every year around this time I have to start filtering my media consumption. I wish it was just because listening to sad stories makes me cry, but mostly it's because all the 9/11 "coverage" just pisses me off. Most of it is selling something, whether it's a trinket that won't help either the survivors or the families or the war or the first responders (I won't get started on that one right now, Congress) or selling an idea: racial or religious hatred; fear, uncertainty, and doubt; or "vote for me."

You want to honor the fallen? How about you get something done with that big empty hole that's been sitting there for ten years now? Our grandparents' generation would've had the twin towers rebuilt in six months just as a giant "fuck you."

Right after the attack, this country came together, neighbor united with neighbor in a way that made me proud to be an American. Since then, people have done nothing but use its memory to tear us apart from each other and take away our liberties.

So have one last three-ring circus. But then, let's put this thing to bed and move on to something relevant.

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  1. After the original attack, cars everywhere were plastered with the "United We Stand" bumper sticker. I badly wanted the resources to print "Divided We Fall" stickers to share.

    Why do so few people see that using the attack to engender more attacks is a failing strategy? And after so much damage in the world, why is that still being done?

  2. Divided We Fall bumper stickers would rock. You should make some on Cafe Press or something.

    I could make a comment about human nature being what it is, but I'm too tired. I will say this though: there are reasons why I prefer to write about supernatural monsters. Supernatural monsters are supposed to act monstrously. Writing about humans acting that way to other humans is just depressing.