Friday, January 28, 2011

100 Words About: Indigestion

I had a bit of a gastric misadventure on Wednesday evening, and my digestive system hasn't been right since. I can't seem to get it to reboot. In the olden days I would eat nothing but saltine crackers for a day and then it would be ok again, but since I developed a wheat intolerance I haven't been able to find a substitute. Today I'll be trying Alka-Seltzer and rice. If that doesn't work I have no idea.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Money Money Money

I blame Jesi Lea Ryan for getting me thinking about my old novel again. *shakes fist in air* Curse you for telling me I shouldn't trunk it!

Er, something like that anyway.

(Thanks again for reading it!)

So now I'm once again considering work-shopping the bad boy. Write By the Lake is coming up, and they do have a novel-polishing section...for $750.00. Ouch. I mean, I just had to spend $1300.00 on fixing The Bulldog. (Most expensive pair of socks EVER.)

On one hand, when you're this far in debt what's another $750? But then again, that's a really crappy attitude to have when you're trying to get out of debt. But this is an investment, right? Arg!

On a related note, I've decided I need to stop going shopping. The Husband can go grocery shopping and walk out with food for a week for less than $100.00. I practically spend half that just in fruit when I go. And today I went to Walgreens to pick up a few necessities and walked out with $15 in candles. Yes, they were on sale and yes, at the sale price they cost a quarter of what the candles at the local handmade soy candle place cost...but if I hadn't gone in at all I would've saved $15! Why can't I think of these things when I'm there? I see the sale price and go "Oh! That's a great price! Heck, I should stock up! The last time we stocked up on cheap candles they lasted us about ten years!" (And we're just running out now.) But it's not like I need candles. They're nice and all, but I don't need them. The Husband does not have this problem.

Maybe if I let him do ALL of the shopping, it would cover Write By the Lake. Hmmmm.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


As I sit down to write this, I have just come inside from hand-shoveling our sidewalk and driveway. Not that there's anything wrong with the snowblower, but I needed to work off some steam.

I love The Bulldog. I really do. But there are times where I would like to trade him in for a spaniel. Or maybe a greyhound. Something not dog-aggressive. My right arm was already sore from all the shoveling I've already done this weekend, plus a few hours today of trying to teach The Bulldog to play with a stick. (Fetch is a long way off, but at least now when we play chase he bites the stick instead of my clothes.)

I'd had some good luck the past few times getting The Bulldog to avoid other dogs by working on "Let's Go!" "Let's Go!" consists of making an abrupt 180 degree turn while exclaiming "Let's go!" in a loud, happy voice and waving a treat in front of his face. Often followed up with "pup pup pup pup!" and running, even on snow. Tonight he would not be swayed from barking and lunging at the dog across the street, on the way out and on the way back as well. Apparently we were both walking mirrored routes.

With his snow booties on and with new snow on the ground, I was able to sort of slide-drag him after me even though he wasn't listening to me, but it's embarrassing as well as hard on my back and arms. He's just plain stronger than I am now. We're starting a "fiesty fido" class next month for dog-aggressive dogs, but I'm so tired. And we still keep putting off working on introducing him and the cats. My work situation is completely precarious and I just can't handle any more stress.

It's a good thing for him he's so cute.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


If Friday's post was about uncertainty, today's is about a known fact: I'm about to get sick.

The Husband was feeling a little under the weather yesterday, but nothing major; just some sinus drainage, a little sore throat. Today he has a full-on chest cold.

This morning I woke up with a little sinus drainage, and a little sore throat.


I called my boss and gave her the skinny, and the option to have my probably-contagious self come in today. She said to stay home. Thanks, Boss!

So I went back to bed, slept till 10am, and then embarked on a two-hour provisioning run. I got cold meds, tissues, orange juice, and all the stuff to make The Husband's Jewish Penicillin recipe. And, perhaps most importantly, Ruby's hot and sour soup. I got home just as The Husband was up for a few minutes, so I got a bowl of hot and sour soup in him before handing over the Walgreens Nighttime D (because NyQuil doesn't use pseudo-ephedrine anymore, fuckers).

I have fortified myself with hot and sour soup. Now for orange juice. And then I wait.

Friday, January 7, 2011

100 Words About: Uncertainty

Just found out yesterday that my position at my job is a "project position." In other words, its currently only funded through June.

It's possible they mentioned this when I moved into the positiion - I was originally in a part-time project position so it was still a move up - but I either forgot or they failed to mention it.

My new boss says he wants to keep all the positions that are currently in the department, but they can't know for sure yet, and they don't know when they'll know.

'Cause I really needed an ulcer this year, apparently...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010: The Year in Writing

Iiiiiiiiiit's roundup time! Here are the stats for 2010:

(Numbers do not include free short stories "Not Quite Casper" and "Twice Shy" or the still-unfinished 1794)

Short stories written: 7
Short stories sold: 4
Short story submissions: 23 (includes 4 active and 3 that are probably no-reply-means-no)
Short story rejections (including revoked submissions): 12
Short stories published: 5 (6 if you count the second publication of "White Knight, Black Horse")
Total short story word count (final drafts written 2010): approximately 19950

My short story word count is way down from 2009, but then, I was employed full-time for all of 2010 and I wasn't for 2009. In drafts I have over 25,000 words on 1794 (which has been submitted and revised several times), and 14,600 words on the new novel. Plus I revised the old novel (again!) in 2010, before finally putting that one to bed. So all in all, not a bad year, but I'm hoping to do better in 2011.