Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How Do You E-Read?

I was not a big fan of ereaders in the beginning. I love print books, like so many other bibliophiles. I hate reading books on my computer, regardless of whether it's on the laptop or the desktop or the giant TV.

I hadn't really planned on getting a dedicated ereader, but I knew if I did get one, I wanted a Nook. I wanted e-ink, and I wanted EPUB. This was because many of the books I wanted to read were ones I found from Project Gutenberg or Google Books, and most of those were available as EPUB, but not as PRC or MOBI.

The Husband bought me a Nook when I was getting ready to start self-pubbing, so I could make sure my files worked and stuff. I very quickly grew to love it. The e-ink was everything I thought it would be, and a Ziploc baggie helped allay my fears about bathtub reading. Plus I could put so many books on it! All those books! With me, whenever I wanted! Joy!

Unfortunately, my Nook doesn't display PDFs for crap. All my contributor copies were in PDF. I was very sad.

However, we already had an iPod Touch. The iPod displays PDFs just fine. Yeay!

Except the screen is, of course, very small. Page-turning is kinda a pain--for some reason, I usually have to swipe twice. Although, and I have no idea why, reading on the iPod's screen doesn't bother me like reading on the computer screens. Maybe because I can control how close to my face I hold the iPod.

My Nook and my iPod are old, technology-wise. So I have no idea what the newest models are like. I've never tried reading on a Kindle or a color tablet of any flavor.

What is your favorite way to read ebooks? What devices do you love/hate? Are you picking up a Kindle Fire or a Nook tablet?

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  1. I'm a voracious reader and I have a VERY hard time letting go of books I'm finished with. Living in a townhouse with my husband, our son, and my father means not having much storage space for my precious books. The i-Pad I got as a Christmas present last year has solved all my book problems. The FREE Kindle App and the FREE i-Books App allow me to read just as many (if not more!) books as ever. Finished i-Books can go on a different shelf and saved, When finished with Kindle books, they are easily moved to 'Archived' and can be accessed at any time. They aren't stored on the i-Pad so they aren't taking up space in the memory.

  2. Sorry to be so long-winded, but it really is perfect :) I forgot to say that it downloads Mobi, Epub, and PDF's easy-peasy!!!

  3. When we used to live in an apartment, we had to get a two-bedroom so we had room for all the books! Now that we have a house, the largest room upstairs is our dedicated study. I do love my print copies.

    However, I buy more books on spec now than I had been before I got the Nook. I just couldn't afford to get hardcovers anymore, and I read most new releases from the library. But if I can download it for five or six dollars, well, heck.

    Plus it's really neat to have all my own ebooks on my Nook. I mean, that's just cool. :)

  4. Last year for Christmas my husband bought me a Pandigital Novel 7" ereader. It was linked with B&N. I miss having my books to hold but it really is great. It handles EPUB and PDF and it is in color. I discovered the Indie authors because of this ereader and I couldn't be happier with the books I have found. Like others our house really is to small to have many books and with me and my two kids we have quite a few books now. My kids are getting their first ereaders for Christmas this year. SHHHHH! don't tell them. Ha Ha!

  5. I hear from a lot of people who got into ereading because someone bought them an ereader as a gift. Given all the new devices coming out this Christmas season, I hope that means lots of new ebook-reading-folks! And it looks like some of the traditional publishers are going to be coming down on some of their ebook pricing, which is also great for readers.

    Do you guys find much difference in eye-strain between color and e-ink devices?

  6. No difference in eye-strain for me! I can't think of any downsides to my i-Pad :D

    And, not only are there many ways to get e-books for free, it's also possible to borrow e-books from lots of local libraries now. Very cool.