Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick Update

Hey folks. Sorry for the randomness of the posting lately. My depression has been rearing its ugly head this month and I've gotten next to nothing done writing-wise. However, remodeling our front bedroom into a sunroom has been a very welcome distraction. For some reason, physical labor is extra rewarding when I'm feeling down--not to mention, the full spectrum lights are particularly attractive right now. We finally get to move the furniture in this weekend. I can't wait! A big, airy, bright, sunny room just for relaxing and reading. Exactly what I need right now.

Anyhoo, with all that in mind I'm not doing a free Halloween story this year. However, as I mentioned in my last post, you can get Scent and Shadow free at Smashwords through Halloween. Just use coupon code VM43S at checkout.

I will have a new Just for Kinks short story available November first, so stay tuned!

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