Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Release and Poet is EVERYWHERE!

Welcome to December! Released today is a Lovecraftian weird tale. "The Thing in the Water" is an homage to HP Lovecraft's story "The Thing on the Doorstep."

Artist Daniel Bradshaw didn’t want to take a Halloween cruise with his sister CarrieAnn and her husband Tommy, but it seemed like a great distraction from his pending divorce. Unfortunately, nothing can salve Daniel’s bitter attitude until he meets Cliff. The old man’s interest in Daniel’s art is a much-needed ego boost. Cliff even charms worry-wart CarrieAnn and takes the uncouth Tommy under his wing. In short, Cliff seems like a godsend…and he is. Just not the god any of them expected.

"The Thing in the Water" is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, and will soon be pushed out to all the usual ebook outlets.

The Once and Future Poet is out of KDP Select (which I'm never doing again, blarg) and is now available at Barnes & Noble and Smashwords, and will also soon be pushed out to all the usual ebook outlets, as well as at Amazon.

I've managed to publish at least one thing a month this year. I'm pretty proud of that, but I didn't get nearly as much writing done as I'd hoped. I'll do a full roundup later this month.

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