Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Change it Up

As I type this I'm sitting in a local pub, listening to oldies and the quiet conversation of the other patrons. I'm sipping a whiskey coffee and waiting for a good friend to arrive.

So today my advice to you is this: get out of the house once in awhile.

I know many writers dream of having their own writing space, one place that's just for them to get away from everyone else and write.

But writing is a lonely business. (Oo! They're playing the Doors! "People are strange…") Even if it's only once in awhile, get out of your usual writing place, even if your writing place is just the kitchen table. (Maybe especially when your writing place is the kitchen table…) Sometimes a new environment will kick start ideas you wouldn't have come up with otherwise. A change of scenery may help you get past a sticky plot point you couldn't see your way around. An overheard conversation could spark a whole new story.

And it's healthy to have conversations with the people outside of your own head once in a while. No, really!

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