Friday, May 28, 2010

100 Words About: Chores

It's day two of my vacation, and I'm staring at the pile of check card slips that I need to enter into Quicken. (Damn you, Microsoft, for discontinuing Money!) I have dishes that need doing, and laundry that's been sitting in the basement for three days, and all I can think is "Well, I took care of the animals and walked the dog, that's enough work for one day, isn't it? I'm on vacation!"

Except on workdays I can only think about the fact I just worked all day, and weekends are like vacations, right?

Why can't chores just do themselves? (Oh, right, because I decided not to invest in children…although I comfort myself with the thought that by the time you get them trained to do it the way you want, they're old enough to move out and you have to start doing it yourself again anyway.)

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  1. Yeay, done! That only took...three hours. Ugh.