Friday, May 21, 2010

100 Words About: Dreaming

Dreams are a subject I've long had interest in, and I imagine they interest a lot of other people too. I always like to listen to other people talk about their dreams, because it fascinates me to hear how they dream differently than I do.

For example, my husband is always himself in his dreams, and he dreams from his own perspective, whereas when I dream sometimes I'm me, and sometimes I'm not, and sometimes I dream first-person, and sometimes cinematic, and sometimes my perspective changes from one person to another's mid-dream. Maybe that's because I'm a writer? I'd love to know if other writers have this experience.

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  1. I can't speak as a writer, but I often shift perspective mid-dream. In recent months I've started to loop through dreams repeatedly; sometimes events in the dream change, but generally the same story plays out over and over again. In these dreams I may still change perspective and will occasionally see the same event through different eyes and with a different set of emotions and hopes.
    I've died in dreams twice that I know about: in both dreams I killed myself. These are hopeful dreams about shedding the old Self and being reborn.
    (My happiest dreams are about garage sales.)