Friday, July 23, 2010

100 Words About: Sleep Thugs

I went to bed at a fairly reasonable time last night. Only got up once, around 3am. As far as I recall I slept ok, but apparently I also slept through a visit from the sleep thugs. I imagine them to be something like rejects from tooth fairy school—instead of giving you money while you sleep, they beat you up. I'm stiff and sore and exhausted, and I didn't even get to do anything stupid that might have made up for it. I didn't even have a freaking drink. You'd think they'd at least have the courtesy to wait until I did something that I shouldn't have.

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  1. apparently they were making the rounds, I gave it my all but one had a killer headlock and now my neck is all painish and ouch. I miss the days of relative invincibility when one night sleep undid any and all self inflicted trauma of the day before... Instead now I go to sleep feeling human and wake feeling like a bruised piece of fruit.