Friday, October 22, 2010

100 Words About: Drool

I knew bulldogs drooled, but wow. The Bulldog's slobber-ribbons have a strange amoeboid self-cohesiveness, and beyond being wet and slimy become slightly sticky when applied to human skin. Blarg! We've been forced to stash washrags around the house to wipe his face with. Good thing for him he's such a cutie.

Poor guy seems to have some neurological issues. We're waiting to hear back from the vet on some tests. Hopefully it's not degenerative, but odds are good it's NCL, in which case we're going to have to revise our expectations a bit. Sigh. But he's supposed to be 4 years old and he's not really bad yet, so maybe we'll luck out and it'll be something else.

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