Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Money Money Money

I blame Jesi Lea Ryan for getting me thinking about my old novel again. *shakes fist in air* Curse you for telling me I shouldn't trunk it!

Er, something like that anyway.

(Thanks again for reading it!)

So now I'm once again considering work-shopping the bad boy. Write By the Lake is coming up, and they do have a novel-polishing section...for $750.00. Ouch. I mean, I just had to spend $1300.00 on fixing The Bulldog. (Most expensive pair of socks EVER.)

On one hand, when you're this far in debt what's another $750? But then again, that's a really crappy attitude to have when you're trying to get out of debt. But this is an investment, right? Arg!

On a related note, I've decided I need to stop going shopping. The Husband can go grocery shopping and walk out with food for a week for less than $100.00. I practically spend half that just in fruit when I go. And today I went to Walgreens to pick up a few necessities and walked out with $15 in candles. Yes, they were on sale and yes, at the sale price they cost a quarter of what the candles at the local handmade soy candle place cost...but if I hadn't gone in at all I would've saved $15! Why can't I think of these things when I'm there? I see the sale price and go "Oh! That's a great price! Heck, I should stock up! The last time we stocked up on cheap candles they lasted us about ten years!" (And we're just running out now.) But it's not like I need candles. They're nice and all, but I don't need them. The Husband does not have this problem.

Maybe if I let him do ALL of the shopping, it would cover Write By the Lake. Hmmmm.

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  1. I suffer the same affliction... especially when it comes to candles... I'm an addict.