Friday, April 1, 2011

100 Words About: April Fools

It's April first, and Wisconsin played the best April Fool's Day prank.

It freaking snowed.

Great big huge puffy flakes for hours. It was really pretty.

Fortunately, it didn't stick. I guess Wisconsin isn't that cruel.

Spring in Wisconsin is such a see-saw. For weeks we wait with baited breath for the day when the snow finally melts, and I mean really melts, so that when you walk outside you don't have to wonder if the sidewalks are icy. And then we wait on tenter-hooks, wondering if we dare put away the snowblower yet, or the shovel, or our winter boots.

Once my heavy winter coat is hung upstairs in the storage closet, it's staying there until fall, by God. I spent several days shivering on the corner waiting for my carpool when I put it away a little too soon this year. (Note: my gloves have not yet been banished. I'm not that optimistic.)

Still, I love it here. Signs of spring are everywhere. The robins and the redwing blackbirds and the sandhill cranes are all back, and my chives have started to put up shoots, and Lake Monona is almost, almost open. A few more days and the ice will be a memory until next November or so. So I can laugh at my state's little prank.

Ha ha, Wisconsin. Good one.

Now make with the warmer weather already.

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