Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Publishing Podcasts I Listen To

I'm always on the lookout for more awesome podcasts, an you might be too, so here are the ones I hit every week, in no particular order:

Writing Excuses - The best 15-20 minutes of listneing a writer can spend all week.
I Should Be Writing - Fun interviews, and follow Mur Lafferty as she traverses the worlds of publishing and podcasting her own books.
Adventures in SciFi Publishing - Great interviews with authors, editors, and publishers, plus fun commentary and discussions.
The Reading and Writing Podcast - interviews with authors about their books, writing, and the weird hobbies authors pick up.
eBook Ninjas - Occasionally a bit technical, but informative. The folks from eBook Architects discuss ebook formatting, digital readers, and publishing news.
The Creative Penn - Interviews with authors, podcasters, cover artists, and basically anyone who has useful information for authors, with indie author Joanna Penn.
SF Signal - As powered by the Functional Nerds, these podcasts cover everything SF&F, including panel discussions and interviews.
The Dead Robots' Society - young author hosts provide interviews, con panel recordings, commentary and discussion on everything writing and publishing.
The Hopkinson Report - The Marketing Trends That Matter from Wired Magazine's Jim Hopkinson. Includes some awesome interviews with authors, social media marketers, website people, and more.

If you have any publishing/reading/writing related podcasts that you like, leave a comment and I'll add them to my list. I'll update this periodically as I find new ones.

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