Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Twitter, Novel, and Dog

I have joined The Twitter (as Stephen Colbert likes to say). You can see my feed over on the right there. I'm not making the best use of it yet, as far as the whole social-media-for-writers-thing goes. I'm just getting my feet wet at first. But I'll be posting links to neat articles and things as I find them, as well as updates on my own writing, and things will pick up as I get closer to some bigger things later this year.

Speaking of my own writing, things are going pretty well. I'm making some changes to the novel, nothing too huge. (Well, if you don't call adding two chapters and rewriting one from scratch too huge.) I'm hoping to have all the edits done by the end of the month. I'm also doing research for a new novella, and I'm pleased to announce that my short story "Succor the Child" has been accepted for Burning Bulb Publishing's Big Book of Bizarro (Sept 2011). Oddly, it's not one of my erotic pieces. Bizarro for me.

We've discovered that The Bulldog acts very differently at home than he does at other people's houses. Or, more precisely, on other dogs' territories. We tried bringing over a shar pei that he'd met over at the shar pei's house. At the other house, no problems. Here, The Bulldog started resource guarding: water, treats, bones, even entry into the living room (where The Bulldog sleeps and hangs out with his humans).

The Husband and I have no idea of how to work on this, because The Bulldog doesn't resource guard with humans at all. Just other dogs. And mostly just here. We may just have to be a single-dog family. Which we could do, because The Bulldog has enough awesome for two dogs, but it would've been nice for him to have had a playmate, since he doesn't play with toys. Sigh.

Picture by CarrotCreative

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