Friday, January 13, 2012

100 Words About: Forgetfulness

I was totally going to rant about something, but I have no idea what it was now. I know I had a great post in mind earlier in the week. You'd think I'd know to make a note about it by now. But no. Instead I get to Friday and have no post topic.

I blame my new story idea. I haven't had an idea be this persistent in a while. Fortunately I'm fobbing it off with world building. "Well, I can't write you until I figure out why X happens." Sometimes that works and I get a little epiphany into the nature of the universe. And sometimes the story just says, "I don't care. Write me. Write me NOW."

(This is not helping me finish Paul Galati's origin story...)

In other news, edits for Demon's Asylum are pretty much done. Now I'm writing the metadata so I can make the beta ebook files. Then I just need to proof it and finish the cover, and you'll all have 25,000+ words of historical m/m vampire erotica. What could be better? ;)

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