Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I'll have a new short story coming out tomorrow, and I'm experimenting with doing the front matter as an image instead of as text. So the title will be in the same font as the cover, and the title and copyright info will all fit on one easily-skippable page. Plus I can include the Rookery Creek logo, which just makes me happy for some odd reason.

So far it's looking good on the Kindle. I haven't made an epub version yet, but I don't foresee any issues. I'll be interested in seeing how it looks on Smashwords--and whether they'll realize the "Smashwords Edition" requirement is met in the image. Will be interesting.

I'm also planning to redo the blurbs for most of the short stories. Or, more precisely, write longer blurbs to go with the short ones. Those will go up in March. For those of you who buy single short stories, are you influenced by seeing that the story has been previously published? Is that something that would make you more or less likely to purchase a story?

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