Friday, September 11, 2009

100 Words About: 100 Words

Introducing a new regular blog segment: 100 Words About… This will be a sort of writing exercise, open to everyone who wants a little room to ramble on about the day's topic. Every Friday I'll post a new 100 Words About topic and my own 100 Words. I'd love to see you all post as the muse strikes you with your own 100 Words! (Of course, it's roughly 100 Words, I'm not going to bother counting!) I consider this segment to be a little glimpse into my head and my writing style, but also a chance to get to learn a little bit more about all of you!

And that's 100 Words About 100 Words. :)


  1. Counting words is enough to push me over the edge—there are always too many or not enough, but never just the right number. Meditating by the white noise of the computer just to get one sentence out with the exact moment in mind. I check the counter-it said 52, which means I am over half way there, to the end, and after that-what then? It just means another page, another essay, another blog post to fret and fumble through. And yet, the challenge, the great sexiness of language just draws and draws me out like an unraveling magician’s scarf.

  2. Nice! I'm a big fan of the sexiness of language :)