Friday, December 18, 2009

100 Words About: No Internet

So last night we came home to discover our internet was down. The husband toddled off to go play LAN games at a friend’s, and I figured to settle in and get some rewriting done.

And yet, I itched to blog or post about the fact I had no internet. Considering that less than a year ago I didn’t have a blog or a Facebook page or anything, this kind of disturbs me.

Also, normally I work much better when I don’t have internet access. But for whatever reason, all I could think about was the fact I couldn’t get online, despite the fact I had just been rewriting like a fiend in the breakroom at work, which doesn’t have internet access. Arg!

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  1. Hi Mercy,

    The strangest thing, I wrote a response but cannot paste it into the comment field though I can paste it anywhere else. Now what do you make of that?

  2. That's odd. I can paste into the comments, and I don't see anything in the settings that should affect it...