Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vamps Anthology Release

The anthology Vamps releases today from the good folks over at Torquere Press. In it you will find my story "The Power That Dreams Have," the sequel to my story "Empusa," which appeared in Torquere's Bite Me anthology earlier this year.

In "The Power That Dreams Have," Sophia of Athens is contentedly obsessed with her dreams of the daimon Empusa, though she knows Empusa is killing her slowly. But as the army of Xerxes advances on Athens, Sophia is in greater danger than she realizes.

While I think you get more out of the story if you've read "Empusa," "The Power That Dreams Have" is still a pretty hot stand-alone. Both anthologies are available in print and ebook versions.

"Empusa" was my very first fiction sale (05/06/09), and my very first fiction publication (08/26/09), and it pleases me greatly that I can bracket this first year of professional writing with stories about her.

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