Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Tip: Git er Done

You have a schedule, whatever it might be. You stick to it, you get your daily allotment done.

But some days will just mess up your program.

You could get sick. Your computer could die. You could have a family emergency that commands your attention. And sometimes you just plain didn’t do the math right.

Or, as in my case, you get sick AND decide that you simply must do a story for that anthology that closes TOMORROW.

For whatever reason, you have a deadline approaching, and you’re running behind.

Late-nighters and all-nighters are part and parcel with this industry. No matter how well you plan, there’s always something that can come along and throw a wrench in your works.

These are the days where you work feverishly into the wee morning hours, catch a few z’s, and get up to go to your day job. And, as the case may be, find yourself feverishly typing your morning blog post that got pushed off yesterday so you could make that deadline. Ahhh, internet cafĂ©, how I love you.

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