Friday, March 12, 2010

100 Words About: The Wolfman

Just got back from seeing The Wolfman. The husband and I both loved it, but I can see why it doesn't seem to be doing so well. It's not what people expect from their paranormal anymore. It's classic Victorian horror, complete with Jekyll-and-Hyde-esque conflict between self-restraint and primal nature.

Not that horror can't have aspects of romance or comedy or what-have-you, but I miss the days when monsters were monsters. (Which is one of the reasons my vampires are all killers. Period.) But other than this remake of the classic movie, I can't think of another recent werewolf story that went the traditional "cursed, only turning at the full moon, losing control of yourself" route.

Do you all know of any? Leave a comment with your favorite werewolf stories!

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