Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Taste Test: Welcome to the Jungle Releases!

Taste Test: Welcome to the Jungle releases today from the good folks at Torquere Press! It includes my story "Set in Stone," as well as "The Pale Ape" by Sean Michaels and "Bringing the Back Alive" by the ever-fabulous Kiernan Kelly. Hot steamy men in hot steamy locations! Adventure! Danger! Excitement! Gargoyles!

Ok, that last one is just in my story.

In "Set in Stone," Jon's dreams are taking over his life, each night an exhilarating fight for survival in primordial landscapes filled with strange, dangerous creatures. And that was before he met Tamal, a gargoyle who wants nothing more than to keep Jon safe, because these dreams aren't dreams at all, and could well kill him. But Jon is determined to find a way to stay--with Tamal's help, or without it.

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