Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tired Writer

I wrote probably around 4000 words of short story this weekend, and edited it a couple times, and still am 326 words over the word limit for the market I wrote it for. Argh! Hoping my writing group can help me with that tonight.

Other than that, the thing I spent the most time on this Labor Day weekend was sewing a bodice for a Victorian dress that I need for this upcoming weekend. Why? Steampunk wedding. I've been soooo good the last few years, I hadn't sewn anything new. (It doesn't hurt that I have a fairly extensive costume wardrobe from my earlier sewing days.) We even went to a costume shop and tried on stuff, and got The Husband's wedding costume there. But I kept looking at the prices on the dresses I was trying on and saying "$200? I could sew this, and then I wouldn't have to have a hoop skirt."


And, of course, my sewing machine decides to go on the fritz halfway through the bodice.

Double sigh.

Fortunately I was able to use a friend's machine, but I failed to bring a small part of the pattern so I have a little bit of handsewing to do before it's done. I was going to embellish the sleeves originally but now I'm like, screw it. It's good enough. I have at least one other short story I want to get done before the 15th.

On another subject, I've gotten a few emails about the Lucky 7 Contest over at Torquere Press. The card you are looking for is at www.mercyloomis.com, it's not on the blog anywhere. There was a problem for folks trying to view the page in question in Internet Explorer, but it's fixed now. Thanks to Kathleen, Angela, and MMJ for the emails; especially Kathleen for letting me know some of my pages weren't loading at all. Had to go into the HTML, which I'm not all that conversant in, but I think I've got it settled. If you have issues with any pages on www.mercyloomis.com not loading right in your browser, please do send me an email at mercy.loomis@gmail.com! I appreciate the help!

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