Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Awesome WWII Book

I haven't read this yet, but saw a news article about it. World War II Remembered sounds like exactly the kind of stories I was thinking of in my Veteran's Day post. If you are at all interested in that period of US history, or in personal accounts of wartime, or in our vanishing Greatest Generation, check out this book. In our fast-paced and increasingly digital world, collections like this one are a top-notch idea. We need to preserve this heritage before all the eye-witnesses are gone. I hope other communities do this as well.

A wonderful thing about this book is that it's also available in ebook. (Overpriced, certainly, but available.) That means it won't just end up languishing in a few museums and local libraries, but will be available to interested parties all over the world, now and years from now. Gods, I love this new era of publishing! I hope more academics will electronically publish their works as well--so much research goes to waste because of lack of availability and access. Forth, knowledge!

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