Thursday, February 9, 2012


Got two rejections this week, which puts me up to three for the year. Last year I only had 5, so I'm making a much better start this year.

Why are rejections good? Because it means I'm submitting.

Even though I self-publish regularly, I still want to be getting into anthologies and webzines and other paying markets. The only way to do that is to submit. If you submit, you will get rejections.

It still sorta sucks to come home to that "thanks but no thanks" email, but heck, it's really not that big a deal. Eventually the stories will go up one way or another.

Rejections are also on my mind because one of the ladies from last year's workshop just got her first agent rejection on her novel since she finished the workshop revisions. It made me sorta proud, like when your kid takes their first steps or something. (Of course, I don't have kids...) Or maybe more like the first time your kid falls flat on their face. It's okay, little writer, just get back up and keep going! Which is, of course, what I'm going to do too. Time to hit my market list...

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