Monday, May 4, 2009

Mondays are chores days

So, I'm back. Momma and baby are both doing well, although poor Momma is still having a hard time with walking too much or sitting on hard things for very long. Ouch! Hope she heals up quick.

I got back two rejections while I was away, yeay. I'll have those two works back out hopefully soon, I need to do a little research on my next targets.

In the meantime, I've realized that I'm having such a hard time getting a full day's writing in because I'm not looking at it like a job. I let myself get distracted by chores, and then I don't get upstairs until after 1 or 2pm. So this week I'm going to experiment with designating Monday as my chores day and then spend the rest of the week (as much as possible) behind the keyboard.

Of course, I have to take the car into the shop tomorrow morning, and my diabetic cat has a vet appointment on Friday, so we'll see how well this works. But such is life.

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