Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My first fiction sale


I've sold reviews before, and that first writing sale was a very good feeling.

I sold a short non-fiction book, and that sale was an awesome feeling. It'll be even better when it hits print and I can hold it in my hot little hands.

But just now I made my very first pure fiction sale. A short story for a print and ebook anthology.


I'm so excited! And it's so funny, because as the email came in from the editor I was IMing my husband that I had just gotten another rejection on a different short story, and that I had sent it out again to someplace else, and he was telling me that he had faith in me.


It's all about perseverance, folks! Now I'm going to have a celebratory lunch of BBQ ribs, and head to the bookstore to make a list of agents to send my novel out to.

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