Friday, October 23, 2009

100 Words About: Dark Mornings

It is immeasurably harder to get up in the morning when it's dark out. The alarm goes off, and the brain says "Are you kidding me?" And yet, the construction crew down the street is already on the job at 6am. "I can sleep through that," my brain says. "Hit the snooze button until it's properly morning, will you?" Even the dog, who is happy to go out nearly any time of day, gives us doubtful looks as we make our way through the dark house. (We leave the lights off at first, as if not to disturb her, even though opening the bedroom door always wakes her up.) She has more sense than her humans.

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  1. Why does the dark of night always feel so much more inviting than the dark before daybreak? The cozy bed? the darkened shades, the peaceful quiet of my children's slumberous breath. The dark unlit, hazards many a toe in its weary trudge to the coffee pot. Fumbling, cursing the logic that brought me forth from a humble cocoon of cotton and flannel... no coffee? no beans! I'm back to bed.