Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nice Review for "Empusa"

There's a nice review of the Bite Me anthology over at Rainbow Reviews.

Here's what reviewer Carole had to say about my story "Empusa":
Mercy Loomis brings us "Empusa," set in Athens in 482 B.C. Empusa is a daimon, summoned by Bennu who wants a spell to attract his master Kleon. Tongue-in-cheek humor is clearly Loomis' specialty. "His frustration perfumed the night air and made my mouth water. Egyptian, by his name and accent, and probably a slave. I hadn't had Egyptian in ages." The characters in this story are all so busy spelling each other, that it takes a daimon to unravel it all, leaving them vulnerable to the hottest spell of all.

And here's what she had to say about the anthology as a whole:
Bite Me is an unusually strong anthology. I don't think I would toss any of the stories out, and I'm a picky reader. K.I.L. Kenny has done a deft job of selection and editing, which leads to an exceptionally pleasurable reading experience. If you like ménage stories, if you like a little bite to your reading, you'll love Bite Me.

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