Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Release from Torquere Press

Today is the release date for Taste Test: Scared Stiff from Torquere Press.

This anthology features just three authors: myself, JL Merrow, and Sunny Moraine. The three of us will be hanging out over at Torquere's LiveJournal all day tomorrow, so stop on by!

In my story, "The House that Pip Built," Caleb wants desperately to be in the same fraternity as his longtime crush, Evan. Will he be able to spend enough time in a haunted house to get his wish?

Here's an excerpt:

    Mickey had climbed the steps and was just now laying his hand on the knob. Caleb watched him impatiently. Caleb’s name had come up second, so once Mickey was done it would be his turn. He schooled himself to patience, knowing the other boy had to spend at least five minutes in the house, and might stay longer to prove his courage.

    The house pulsed.

    That was the only way Caleb could think of it. For a brief moment it was as if the whole building swam in his vision. A sound like a breath came from it, quickly followed by Mickey’s yelp as he stumbled back from the door, nearly falling down the steps.

    It was like the house was staring at the boy.

    “Fuck this noise,” Mickey said, and bolted for the street.

    The other pledges had gone absolutely still. Caleb jumped when Evan’s hand came down on his shoulder.

    “You’re up,” Evan said.

    Caleb nodded, little tingles of attraction running through him from the older boy’s touch, distracting him from his fear. He could stand a little staring at for Evan’s sake. Squaring his shoulders, he marched up the steps and took hold of the doorknob.

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