Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Vote at Paranormal Authors Fight Club!

Hey gang, some exciting news. I'm a contestant in Romance in the Backseat's first annual Paranormal Authors Fight Club! This is a contest between eight unpublished (other than short stories) authors, including yours truly. We were all given the same prompt on October 1st, and the first 1000 words of each story are up at the Paranormal Authors Fight Club blog.

Four pairs of stories battle for the reader's interest. Who will win between:

The prompt, as you'll see, was "She hurried her footsteps down the alley. This was not part of the plan. Something grabbed her foot. A bottle, a branch, or a hand – either way she found herself flat on the pavement, cheek to the ground, face to foot with a very large, very black, boot."

Click on over to the blog to see where six different authors took that prompt, and vote for your favorite four! Leave a comment at the blog to get a chance at winning a free book! The winners of the first round move on to round two, and the second installment of their stories. The winner of round one will be announced (I believe) on October 11th, so don't delay! Vote Today!

You can also find brief interviews with the authors, like this Wild(e?) Interview with Mercy Loomis.

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