Friday, February 19, 2010

100 Words About: Overtime

I worked overtime at my day job the last two weeks, doing nine hour days. That meant I didn't have my usual after-work writing time, and I was also more tired when I got home and didn't do any writing there either, except one Wednesday when I pounded out a new 1200-word story. The first two weeks in March will be the same.

I know lots of strategies for making writing time, but when you get home and still have to walk the dog and feed the animals and do the dishes or the laundry or the checkbook, how do you find the energy to wrestle with your manuscript? Any of you have tips or thoughts to share?

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  1. Chocolate, wine, denial, avoidance, procrastination, panic, planning, short-cuts, desperation, and when all else seems lost I'm often fortunate to have a friend who shows me an easier faster and more efficient way to get it done and I am once more grateful for the amazing people I get to call my friends.

  2. Chocolate and wine sound like a nice addition to my avoidance and procrastination :)