Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Know When to Blow Off Work

This is sort of related to what I said about priorities. Know when to buckle down and get to work, and know when it's ok to blow off your writing session.

For example, when you're working nine hour days all week and you have a friend in the hospital who is deathly sick, it's ok to not get your blog post done and go out with a bunch of friends to drink in his honor.

(Of course, since you knew ahead of time that you wouldn't have time to do the blog post on Monday, one could poke at your lack of planning ahead as well...I suppose there's a reason I don't talk about time management as much, LOL.)

1 comment:

  1. Any blog that promotes blowing off work is great with me!

    Just found your blog today (long ago you commented on my guest post on Pimp My Novel, and at long last I'm checking out your site. Sorry for the delay)

    I like your blog, I'll be back.