Friday, June 11, 2010

100 Words About: Interns

It's day three of intern training. One I trained from the start, the other was trained on his first day by my coworker. It'll be interesting to see how they shape up.

This is the first job where I've had interns around, and it's definitely interesting. The usefulness of having mooks to order around is offset by the fact that they usually just aren't as good or as thorough as regular employees. (This, of course, varies from intern to intern.)

One problem is getting them to check things off. I have little hope of getting my coworkers to adopt a checklist, but I'm hoping to instill it in the interns from the beginning, since habits are hard to break once set. Checking things off on the form as you go means you're less likely to forget a step or lose your place when
(not if) you're interrupted.

(Yes, I loved The Checklist Manifesto.)

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