Friday, June 25, 2010

100 Words About: Progress

So out of the four things I wanted to do this week, I finished "Succor" and sent it to my writing group, which meets in two weeks, and I found the market I want to send "No Regrets" to, but it doesn't open for submissions until next week, so I haven't actually submitted it yet.

I'm hoping to do some research for Encore today, but I don't really have any plans to work on 1794 today. I'm planning on putting in some work on a new short story for an anthology that closes next month instead. I've spent half the morning plotting and planning in my head so that when I sit down to write I can just go.

I also have to walk the dog, do laundry, do dishes, buy a ham, and I should balance the checkbook. Ugh. Is that any way to spend a day off?

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  1. Ok, dishes are done, laundry is started, my GF mac & cheese is made, the dog is walked, and The Husband has offered to pick up the ham on his way home from work. Screw the checkbook. The coffee is almost done, and The Husband has kindly used his GoogleFu to find me the download for Writer's Blok so I didn't have to get lost in distractionland (I mean, the internet) looking for it. Off I go to the office!