Tuesday, June 8, 2010

But, I Finally Had a Use for That!

I'm running out of ideas for Tuesday Tips. Not that there aren't things I could talk about, but honestly most of them are talked about elsewhere much better and with more authority, so as I encounter interesting things in my publishing adventures I will continue to Tip them, but I won't stretch your patience by summarizing Strunk and White, for example. (You writerly type have read The Elements of Style, right? Right?)

Of course, if you have a question or a subject you'd like me to blog about, leave a comment or drop me a line at mercy.loomis@gmail.com.

So right now I'm currently driving myself insane trying to find this belt. It's originally from the 80's--I know, because I bought one then, although not this exact one. The one I got in the 80's I turned into a Middle Eastern Dance coin belt, but then I found another one for cheap. I picked it up expecting it to follow the same fate as the first, but then never bothered. As I am a pack rat, I keep everything.

Ten plus years later I have a use for this belt. I want to turn it into a man's heavy neck chain for a costume. Only now I can't find the belt. It's not with my coin belts, it's not with my coin-jewelry supplies, it's not with my other jewelry, it's not in the box of miscellaneous costume bits. It's not in my I'll-stash-it-here-for-now drawer. I'm starting to think I might (gasp!) have dropped it off at St. Vinnie's during one of my rare decluttering binges.

Dammit. I had a use for that! (Which, as any pack rat or person who has lived with a pack rat knows, is the exact reasoning which results in pack-rattedness in the first place.)

Of course, I'll probably find the belt next week--after I no longer need it.

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  1. I hope you have a great time this weekend,with or without the belt.