Friday, February 11, 2011

100 Words About: Bum Shoulder

I wish I knew what I did to my shoulder. I've never actually injured it, but it's pretty cranky about something the last few days. When I try to lever myself up on it, from laying in bed or on the couch, it hurts like the Dickens. And yet, it doesn't hurt when I roll it or do windmills with my arms.

Of course, my body refers pain in strange ways. One time I had a terrible muscle knot on my left shoulder blade, but the pain was all in the right one. Another time I had injured the cartilage between two ribs, but the pain manifested right over my kidney. So I suppose it's possible the wacky shoulder is from a pinched nerve in my neck or something. I just wish there was an easier way to find out what's wrong than to start poking around looking for spots that hurt worse.

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