Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzards and Bulldogs

So I was expecting the snow to start much earlier today. We had some last night, but it wasn't that bad. Unfortunately I'd already decided I was taking today off instead of tomorrow. Not that I didn't have a nice relaxing day, but tomorrow may be pretty nasty.

The Bulldog had a vet appt at 7pm, but we were able to move it to 3pm instead. Of course, it was snowing pretty good by the time we left the vet, but the trip only took about 45min instead of 25, so I can't complain too much.

(Prognosis: probable food allergy. And a couple probably-related infections. All in all, not too bad if we can find a beef-based dog food. I'm hoping he's not allergic to beef: just about everything that entertains him for more than 5 minutes is beef related.)

But we're home for the night, and not a moment too soon. The wind's picking up and the snow is blowing something fierce, and I'm glad that I'm not still trying to get home from work.

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