Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Workin' Workin'

My eldest niece has started texting me. I feel sort of honored - I must be cool if the 12-year-old takes the time to drop me a line now and again. :) Good thing I speak 1337.

I've started writing over my lunch breaks again. Well, at least when the TV in the breakroom isn't on. (I don't understand how people can ignore TVs. I can't even when I have no interest in what's on them.) I don't get a lot of words, but I feel better about things. And it sort of primes the pump for my after work writing time.

Like today, I sat down after work and thought, "Ugh! I don't want to write!" But I made myself plug in anyway. "You have to do at least 100 words," I said to myself. Of course, once I got started I got rolling and had 400 words by the time The Husband came to pick me up. Again, not huge, but it's progress.

I haven't been writing short stories at all, but I have been working on a non-fiction proposal. The overview and chapter outline are done: now for market research and sample chapters. It's a nice balance, because if I don't feel like working on the fiction I can work on the non-fiction, and vice versa.

Part of the problem with the short stories is most of the anthologies I'm looking at close in April, so I'm not feeling rushed. There's one that closes this week, so maybe I'll try and come up with a good idea. Problem is, it's a steampunk anthology and for some reason that setting doesn't spark for me. I enjoy watching steampunky movies, but something about it doesn't gel for me. Maybe it'll be a good exercise.

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