Friday, March 11, 2011

100 Words About: "Cry Wolf"

Check out EM Lynley's blog to read a post I did for her on my short story "Cry Wolf," as well as posts by some of the other authors of Bedknobs and Beanstalks! I talk about my favorite fairy tales, how I came up with the story, and a bit about world-building. You can read an excerpt of this fun m/m erotic romance at my website.

For more about pookhas/skinshifters, read my free m/f romantic novella "A Wild Hunt."

If Bedknobs and Beanstalks isn't enough to slake your thirst for revisiting classic fairy tales, or if you prefer the girls to the boys, you can also check out Like a Thorn: BDSM Fairy Tales, which includes my story "The Princess and Peony." An excerpt can be found here.

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