Friday, March 25, 2011

100 Words About: The Publishing Industry

Even established authors are starting to move to self-pub. Other authors are decrying Dorchester's bad practices. The Google Book Settlement is rejected (again), and the judge's suggestion that the parties be able to opt-in instead of opt-out brings up the fact that for many works, even though the author is still alive and kicking and the publisher is still around, sometimes people still aren't sure who has the digital rights.

All this (combined with the fact I recently read Laura Resnick's delightful Rejection, Romance, & Royalties) makes me wonder why anyone would still want to get published traditionally. The horror stories are enough to give me an ulcer and I don't even have an agent yet.

I have to wonder if all we're hearing is the negative side. Surely there must be authors out there who are happy with their publishers? Anyone have some stories about the upside of traditional publishing?

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