Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interesting Times

It's interesting times all over the world, and yours truly has not been excepted. Politics aside, I've started volunteering at the local animal shelter that we got The Bulldog from, which has been very rewarding and relaxing, for the most part. (It's sad, of course, when the animals have to get put down, and heartbreaking at times to see the terrible shape they're in when they come to us.)

The publishing industry continues to get stood on its head, and the ever-awesome Nathan Bransford has a great post on self-publishing ebooks and what it all means.

Speaking of which, I'm signed up to learn how to join that bandwagon with Lori Devoti's Digital Self-Publishing for the Newbie class. (I have my eye on you, 1794.)

And I'm stoked (yes, just dated myself there) to announce that it's official - I'm going to Write by the Lake! My dreams of getting professional-level feedback on the beast that is my vampire novel are soon to be realized! Just the feedback I got on the first twenty pages has already helped me make the stupid thing tons better (yes, I'm still sick of it, but now I'm excited about it as well as sick, LOL) so I can't wait to see how the full week turns out.

So, the game plan: finish novel revisions by April, finish draft of 1794, Digital Self-Publishing for the Newbie, and see where that takes me. Then possibly work up the Constantinople story I've been dying to do, and see about self-pubbing it and 1794 as a test. Then it's back to Project Toadstool (and possibly some kids books I've thought of in the meantime) before Write by the Lake. Oh, and reading all the other stories for WbtL. Yeah, that'll keep me busy.

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