Friday, June 17, 2011

100 Words About: Brain 'Splodey

Write by the Lake is over. I'm sad, but also excited, because I feel like I'm really close to having this thing done--and done in a way I'm proud of, not sick of. Not only that, but I had the privilege of helping five other budding novelists get improve their novels, and boy, those are going to be some FANTASTIC novels! I can't wait to read the revisions that will hopefully be showing up in my inbox soon.

It's been a great week, but my brain is very full. Not so full that I can't work, or that I don't know what to do next, but don't ask me any complex questions right now, ok?

I had expected this would be a one-and-done for me, that I'd bring my novel here and get it fixed and then I wouldn't be back. But I'm thinking maybe next year, I'll bring my next novel. Because not only am I confident that I'll have some novel to bring, but that it'll totally be worth coming back. I'm totally re-energized about my writing, and that's a feeling that's hard to come by in this solitary profession.

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