Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Tip: More Contract Stuff

Lots of interesting articles lately.

Eric at Pimp My Novel talks about the vanishing advance and why it seems to be going the way of the dodo. As far as I'm concerned, publishing might want to rethink that; advances are one of the few remaining advantages to traditional publishing over self-publishing.

The wonderful folks at e-reads provide two emails from Harlequin, who is apparently changing e-book royalties retroactively My new favorite blog, The Passive Voice, gives us a breakdown on the Harlequin contracts.

Keep in mind that 25% of net royalties is average these days even for Big Six publishers, and that 25% of net is probably 15% or less of retail. 15% of net is peanuts.

Novelists, Inc has an in-depth review of some Harlequin contracts. These are a great example of why you really need to understand just what you are signing. Yes, it's technical; so are contracts. Read this one.

And lastly, PG over at The Passive Voice is looking for author feedback on what you would want to see in a book about publishing contracts. This is a book I very much want to read! Please stop by the post and leave a comment for PG with your contract questions or concerns.

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