Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Contest! Post Me a Book

Times are definitely too interesting for my taste, as they have involved trips to the ER for both The Husband and The Bulldog, as well as several things around the house breaking. On the upside, Write by the Lake is next week (OMG!) and I and my fellow attendees are busy reading and critiquing our first assignments in preparation. I can't wait!

In the meantime, I've broken out The Cheerleader by Caroline B Cooney, a novel I read back in eighth or ninth grade. Something like that. I can't remember. It's reminiscent of The Picture of Dorian Gray or Faust, but in high school. With a vampire. And cheerleaders. Um.

The reason I took up this particular tale after so many years is that it's one of the few I can recall where the main character is more or less corrupted by the end. Yes, she does eventually "redeem" herself, but loses everything she corrupted herself to gain. And she doesn't redeem herself because she's realized how selfish she's been (she's known that all along) but because she realizes that she's turned into nothing but a junkie looking for her next fix, the vampire's little puppet.

It's as close as I could ever find to a vampire book where the bad guy wins. And I soooo wanted to find one.

I'm sure there are some out there by now, but I haven't had much luck. What I wanted was a book where, instead of freeing the unicorn, Lily succumbed to Darkness. A book where, instead of choosing Stefan, Elena chose Damon. Where Christine chose Erik instead of Raul. In fact, preferably without the love triangle. I want a novel where someone is obsessed, seduced, and corrupted, and is either completely destroyed by it while the seducer lives on to charm another day, or just rolls with it and joins the dark side.

Anyone know of books like that? (Adult or YA, either works. Heck. I'll even allow short fiction.) If so, leave them in the comments! The person who posts the book or story I like best by June 18th, 2011 will get a short story written in their honor. You get to pick the subject, have one of the characters named after you, whatever tickles your fancy. (Excluded from the contest: Phantom by Susan Kay, 'cause she still ends up with Raul at the end, any book mentioned in this post, any Anne Rice books (because I don't want to read them again to try and remember if they fit, I obviously wasn't impressed the first time, although I could see someone making an argument for The Witching Hour) and anything I've written.)

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