Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August Publications

A couple of updates.

Two stories are slated for publication this month. Circlet Press's "Like a Thorn" anthology of BDSM fairy tales is scheduled for release on August 31, and features my story "The Princess and Peony." I got my advance copy of the pdf last night and those are some really good stories! (Some are really really good!) I can't post the cover art until the 31st, but stay tuned.

Torquere Press's "Bite Me" anthology featuring my story "Empusa" is also scheduled for an August release, although I don't know the day yet. However, I do have cover art for that one. Isn't that tasty?

I'm very excited about both stories! Would love to hear your thoughts on them once they are available, so please leave a comment!

You can also now become a fan on Facebook. I'll post links to blog updates there and other news. Pictures coming soon, hopefully, if I can find the back of my camera...

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