Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Publication!

Exciting news! My very first piece of published fiction is now available! Torquere Press's anthology Bite Me, which includes my short story "Empusa" is now available for purchase!

I'm glad this one made it out first, as it was my first fiction sale. I actually had been out that morning with my husband visiting the dog we would later decide to adopt, and came home to find an email asking if the story was still available and offering to send a contract. That was a damn good day.

"Empusa" follows the vampiric Greek daimon Empusa, whose lovers usually don't live to tell the tale. She makes an exception for a trio of humans caught in a tangle of love spells, but there is always a price to be paid...

Empusa is one of my favorite characters, and you'll see more of her in the future - most immediately in "The Power That Dreams Have," the follow-up story to "Empusa," which will be in Torquere's December Vamps anthology.

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