Friday, December 10, 2010

100 Words About: Dogs and Snow

It snowed again yesterday. The Bulldog loves snow. It's a little odd, since he has such thin fur—I mean, yes, he's a bulldog and they're tough, but you'd think he'd be cold! But he just wants to galumph around and play.

At this point it seems that his neurological issues are due to excessive confinement, and he's shown several other signs of that as well. One of those signs is the fact that he really has no idea what to do with toys. He's started using some of the ones you put treats in, but mostly just to get to the food, not to play with. But outside yesterday The Husband was able to get across to him that we wanted to play out in the snow, and then look out! That was one excited bulldog! (His play calibration is going to need some work, oof!)

Image: Maggie Smith /

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