Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

I had the day off, and the snow trickled down.
Lights and garlands adorning the streets of my town,
I ventured outside for a new coffee pot
and to walk my white doggie, who has one brown spot
that covers his eye like a pirate's eyepatch
and charms all the ladies and little kids, natch.
I sang Christmas songs as we walked in the snow
with just one day more, and some hours, to go
before the end of my favoritist time of the year.
How best could I share this last holiday cheer
with my loyal blog readers? I strove to devise
a new way with which I could open their eyes
to the joys of this season, the one I love most.
But others have tried, countless year without end
to share Christmas spirit with loved one or friend.
The true gift of Christmas is found in your heart
and if Dickens can't help you, then where would I start?
So instead I'll just wish you much health, joy, and love,
and hope too much snow doesn't fall from above
and hinder the guests that are driving tonight
to my house for dinner, to my dog's delight.
(If he hopes for a gift of the rabbit sweetmeats,
he shouldn't have used my new book as a treat.)
Our holiday move, "The Ref," is a joy,
and good food will be had by each girl and boy.
So I wish you the best, as my guests ring the bell;
Merry Christmas to all, and much love as well!

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