Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Today's Tuesday Tip: Don't leave socks around the Bulldog.

When the Bulldog gets bored he likes to get into cloth things. He doesn't really "get" toys yet, unless they have food in them, and he's pretty good at getting the food out. So far he's destroyed a dish rag and two of my scarves, and he keeps stealing The Husband's hat.

Yesterday he broke into a cardboard box of Christmas presents we'd received that I hadn't put away yet. He ripped my newest scarf and ate two socks. We weren't sure about the socks because I hadn't looked at them closely when I'd received them and I had two socks left after we picked up the mess.

Fortunately The Husband's insomnia kicked off last night, and he was still awake when The Bulldog started showing signs of bloat. He rushed him off to the vet, where they induced vomited and reunited me with my lost two socks. Sigh.

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